Ad/Tracking blockers

We use Intercom as our communication platform for questions, bug reporting, and feature requests. However, some customers report they are not able to access Intercom.

Ad-blocking plugins offer options to block JavaScript that includes tracking functionality. While Intercom is not an ad-provider, Intercom is often recognized as a tracking tool by most browsers.

Steps to try:

  • If your privacy controls let you manually change which connections are allowed, allow Segment and

  • Using a different browser to access the Intercom chat.

  • Temporarily disabling your ad-blocker.

Note: Firefox browsers have tracking protection enabled by default. Refer here to learn more on managing content blocking for Firefox browsers.

Intercom also has a nice guide on how to address this issue here.

How to check your extensions

Chrome: go to chrome://extensions/
Firefox: go to about:addons and click the Extensions tab
Safari: Click Safari in the top bar, then Preferences , then click the Extensions tab
Edge: Click the menu button at the top right, then click on Extensions

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