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Difference between Calendar Sync and sharing your calendar
Difference between Calendar Sync and sharing your calendar

Calendar Sync is not the same as sharing your calendar with yourself.

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When you share your calendar to a different account, it only shows up for you, not others who view your calendar, unless you explicitly share that calendar with those colleagues.

Instead, Reclaim's Calendar Sync creates synced copies of events from other calendars and adds them to your primary calendar (or any other calendar you choose), making them visible to others and ensuring that you are managing your calendar according to your true availability.

Reclaim keeps those synced events up to date when things change on the source calendar, which means you never have to worry about updating events manually.

Sensitive titles and descriptions are stripped away from these blocks to preserve your privacy. Additionally, you can set custom colors for different calendars, adjust visibility settings, and set sync preferences for each sync policy between any of your calendars.

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