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Tasks from Google Task is not syncing to Reclaim
Tasks from Google Task is not syncing to Reclaim

There are limitations with Google's API that may cause issues when trying to sync Google Tasks with Reclaim.

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There is a known bug with Google's API where you can only set up the Google Task integration with one email account. In cases where you want two Google Task accounts integrated, reach out to Reclaim support for a workaround link that allows you to sync multiple Google Task accounts.

Be sure to figure out which Google Task account is integration with Reclaim by searching your task lists for the 🗓Reclaim task list.

Google Task-specific issues

It is a known gap in Google's API that prevent Reclaim from seeing (via the API) certain tasks, even when they are in the correct task list. Tasks that cannot be synced are:

Tasks created via checklist

Tasks created using Spaces

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