All Task Events for a Task has been scheduled and completed but you need more time to finish it, you can add more time to the Time Policy and Reclaim will schedule more time for the Task.

Add time from the Reclaim Planner

  1. Navigate to your Task list and filter by Tasks marked done.

  2. Find the Task and click on the three dots labeled More options.

  3. Click Add time in the pop-up menu.

  4. Enter the amount of time you need to add.

  5. Click Add.

Add time using the Google Tasks integration

  1. Open the Google Task side panel

  2. At the bottom, click Completed to expand the list of completed Tasks.

  3. Click the blue checkmark next to the Task to mark it as incomplete.

Reclaim will recognize this as a sign that you need more time and it will schedule up to an hour of additional time on your calendar.

Add time using the Slack integration

If you've enabled the Reclaim's Slack integration, you add time from anywhere you can find the task:

  • @Reclaim may have alerted you in the Messages before it was time to start the task.

  • The @Reclaim Home tab has an Agenda view. Pick the date of the Task Event to find the Task.

  • The @Reclaim Home tab has a Tasks view. There you can find the Task Event under Recent Tasks.

When you find the Task in Slack, click the Reschedule / Add time... dropdown to see a list of options:

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