Synced Asana task workflows
Updated over a week ago

When you first sync a task from Asana to Reclaim, you'll see an indicator that the task is being processed and scheduled by Reclaim.

Once the task has been successfully scheduled, you'll see the state update in Asana.

When the time arrives for the task on your calendar, the state will update to reflect that the work is in progress in Asana. It will also show the work that has been logged on the task thus far.

The Asana integration for Reclaim is bidirectional. That means that if you mark a task that's been synced from Asana as done in Reclaim, it will also be marked as done in Asana. Similarly, if you mark a task as Done in Asana, it will be marked as done in Reclaim.

If you finish work ahead of its scheduled time, and mark the task as done in Asana or Reclaim, Reclaim will remove all future scheduled blocks for the task, and log the work that you spent in the past.

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