Manage your Habits from the Planner Side Panel

Priority Habits are placed in the top section of the Planner Side Panel, whereas low-priority Habits are located in the bottom of the Planner Side Panel.

View of high priority Habits

View of low priority Habits

Habit actions

Habit actions are listed to the right of each Habit.

Action icon for Start now or More options.

List of available options when you click More options.

Click on a Habit Instance from the Planner Calendar

The Planner Side Panel will shift to a view of the Habit and its related Habit Instances. From here, you can:

  • Use available Habit actions at the top menu bar

  • Disable or delete a Habit using the More options icon.

Right-click on a Habit Instance in the Planner Calendar

Right-clicking on a Habit Instance in the Planner Calendar opens a list of available actions to the Habit Instance.

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