Our Pro & Team plans are almost here!

In this help doc, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about our new plans, pricing, upgrades, and how you can manage your team account.

Check out your Billing & Team page to manage your account.

Paid plans coming on March 28th

On March 28th, we are launching our first-ever paid plans for Pro and Team subscriptions. After 2 years of rigorous development, testing, and amazing conversations with our users, we are ready to bring you and your team the next level of Reclaim services to help optimize your busy calendars and bring up to 40% more productivity to your workweek.

We strongly believe in transparent pricing and communication with our users, which is why we hide nothing on our pricing page! Find pricing for a single user, all the way up to thousands of users under a company-wide plan, and calculate your exact cost through our easy pricing calculator.

Pricing scales based off of:

  • Monthly vs. annual plans (20% discount for annual)

  • Graduated pricing model

We will always offer a "Free Forever" plan for our basic features!

As mentioned above, we are using a graduated pricing model which calculates the total cost per team by using a weighted average across each pricing tier. We chose this model because we wanted to make it easy and affordable for small teams and large teams to use Reclaim, and specifically to enable teams of <10 to adopt the product with volume discounting baked in. We want Reclaim to be affordable for every single user 💜

Check out our pricing page to see how pricing scales across plan types.

As a thank you to our amazingly loyal and engaged users, we will also be offering an additional 20% discount for anyone who signs up for an annual paid plan before March 28th! This includes both Pro users and Team accounts, and the additional discount is available for 12 months.

What's included in each plan?

You can check out the full list of features included under each plan on our Pricing page.

What happens to my account on March 28th?

Your account will automatically enter a 14-day "free trial" period giving you a little extra time to consider which plan is right for you! We'll send you an email on the 28th to let you know your trial has started (in addition to the emails sent weeks before the launch), and a reminder when your trial is ending so you can upgrade to whichever plan fits you best before the 14 day trial expires.

For any of our users who choose NOT to upgrade, they will roll into our Free Forever plan where they can enjoy many Reclaim features at no cost. However, users who choose not to upgrade will lose access to any Pro or Team feature enabled, including:

  • Future scheduling past the 3 full week limit

  • Habits over the free 3 limit

  • Additional Calendar Syncs outside of personal to work

  • Time blocking customizations (event titles, descriptions, emoji's, etc.)

  • Smart 1:1 meetings

  • Pro or Team integrations

If I miss the trial deadline, will all of my Reclaim data be deleted?

Nope! We'll hold onto your disabled events so that you can upgrade and reactivate all of your favorite Reclaim time blocks for your calendar. Simply enter your credit card in our Billing Settings get your events back! (Billing Settings coming soon!)

How do you choose which Habits to disable if I stick with the Free plan?

In order to cause the LEAST amount of trouble for any user who misses our communications around the upgrade, we will keep your 3 OLDEST Habits active for any user with more than the maximum who rolls onto our Free plan. If you want to access unlimited Habits, you can upgrade to our Pro plan any time in your Billing Settings.

Free Forever plan users are also only able to use the default Customization, so if your Habits were set up with customized descriptions, they will revert to the default under the Free plan.

However, in order to protect your privacy, private Habits will be disabled (vs. switched back to our default settings) for any user who does not upgrade after the free 14-day trial. We made this decision to prevent a potentially unpleasant experience for anyone who created a Habit as private and does not want that information visible to people who can view your calendar. For example, a user with a Habit of "Look & apply for a better job" would probably not want us to start showing this on their work calendar!

How do you choose which Calendar Syncs to disable if I stick with the Free plan?

We again want to cause the LEAST amount of trouble possible for users opting out of upgrading to a Pro or Team plan, but who have multiple Calendar Syncs set up, so we will keep the Calendar Sync we believe is your personal to work calendar enabled.

All synced events will also use our default customizations under the Free plan, and sync as "Personal Commitment", starting on the date you downgrade to the Free plan after your free trial ends.

What happens to my Buffer Time if I stick with the Free plan?

You can still auto-schedule Decompression Time and Travel around your meetings! You just won't be able to customize the title anymore, starting on the date you downgrade to the Free plan after your free trial ends.

What happens to my Slack status sync under the Free plan?

Slack status sync is included in our Free Forever plan, but only using the default settings. If you want to control the appearance of your Slack status to sync as "Busy", create a custom status or emoji for each event category, or use DND, you will need to upgrade to our Pro plan.

What happens to my Tasks in the Free plan?

Tasks are included free forever in our Free plan! However, in order to customize the privacy visibility of your Tasks, you will need to upgrade to a Pro or Team seat.

However, in order to protect your privacy, private Tasks created before the trial end date will remain as private. Any future Task will be limited to our default visibility settings.

What happens to my Smart 1:1s if I stick with the Free plan?

Smart 1:1s require the organizer to hold a Team seat, so if you set up the meetings, you will need to upgrade your account to continue smart scheduling your one-on-ones. If you are the invitee, you do not require a Team seat as long as the inviter holds one.

If neither attendee upgrades to a Team plan, your Smart 1:1s will be disabled after your trial ends, though your Smart 1:1s will be saved so you can reactive them anytime by upgrading to a Team seat.

How do I apply my "Share Reclaim" free credits through the Referral Program?

We will send you your discount codes to enter and redeem your free Reclaim credits for 3 months, 12 months, or forever, around the paid launch! Check out our Referral Program doc to learn more.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes! Early adopters who sign up for an annual Pro or Team plan before March 28th will get a 20% discount off of our list pricing.

Additionally, qualified nonprofits are eligible for a 20% discount on our Pro or Team plans, including both monthly and annual plans, and students, educators, and school administrators may apply for a 50% education discount.

You may only use one discount at a time. Visit our Discounts help doc for the full details on these discounts, and apply for the nonprofit and education discounts on our pricing page.

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