When you create a Smart 1:1, Reclaim will automatically send an email to the attendee as well as generate a sharable link that you can use to invite them. If the attendee is already a Reclaim user, they'll be able to accept the 1:1 and have it schedule immediately. If they're not a Reclaim user, they'll be prompted to sign up and grant permissions to Reclaim to view and edit their calendar before accepting the 1:1.

This article will give you a sense of what attendees will see when you invite them to a Smart 1:1.

Inviting an attendee to a Smart 1:1

When you create a Smart 1:1 and click Send Invitation, an email will be sent inviting your attendee to accept it. You can add an optional note that will be attached to the invite email when creating the 1:1:

Once you send the invitation, a link will also be generated that you can use to invite your attendee to the Smart 1:1. Copy this link and paste it anywhere you'd like (e.g., a Slack DM) to invite your attendee yourself:

What happens when an attendee gets invited to a Smart 1:1

Your attendee -- either by opening the invitation link from the auto-generated email or by using the invite link you send to them -- will get a quick overview of Smart 1:1s and be prompted to accept or decline the 1:1.

If the attendee is a Reclaim user already and is logged in, they'll be prompted to set their availability for this and future Smart 1:1s. They only have to do this once.

If the attendee is not a Reclaim user, they'll have to sign up and grant Reclaim permission to view and edit their calendar, then they'll be prompted to set their availability.

Why do attendees have to be Reclaim users?

We built Smart 1:1s with reliability in mind. To that end, it's important that we have sufficient information to schedule your 1:1s properly every week.

By having both attendees sign up for Reclaim, we can guarantee that:

  1. We know the timezones of both users

  2. We have access to both user's calendars to manage and schedule events

  3. We know the range of hours where both users are available

Beyond the scheduling benefits, we also believe that while Smart 1:1s are incredibly powerful, they're different than what most people are used to. By sending all users through a process of learning a bit about Smart 1:1s, we can give more information to everyone about how Smart 1:1s work.

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