Reclaim automates scheduling for your 1:1s, but we recognize that sometimes you might want to make some changes to an individual instance of a meeting. For example, you might want to add another attendee to the meeting to discuss a particular project, or you might want to update the description with a set of agenda items for the discussion.

In general, Reclaim will honor any one-off changes you make to Smart 1:1 events, even if the event gets rescheduled. Here's a brief list of what fields you can (and can't) edit.

What details can I edit on a Smart 1:1 event?

Here's a list of all the details that you can modify for Smart 1:1 events via Google Calendar. All of these changes will be honored for that event only, even if it is rescheduled, and will not apply to future or past events.

  • Title

  • Description

  • Color

  • RSVP note

  • Location

  • Duration

  • Time window / scheduled time

What details can't be edited on a Smart 1:1 event?

There are some details you can't edit on a Smart 1:1 event. If you edit these details, Reclaim will overwrite them the next time it resyncs your calendar.

  • Attendee list

  • Event privacy

  • Event availability (i.e., Free vs. Busy)

What about videoconferencing?

If you use a calendar add-on for videoconferencing in Google Calendar, you can use that integration to add videoconferencing to your Smart 1:1 events. If you use one of these add-ons to add a videoconference link to any Smart 1:1 event, it will overwrite any existing videoconference information for all events in that Smart 1:1's series.

Note: if you use a Chrome extension (e.g., Zoom's Chrome extension) to add videoconferencing, that integration may use the Location field on the event. This information will not be written to all events, and will only be written to the event you edited. The only editable field in Google Calendar that will apply to all events is the videoconference field, which is typically reserved for Google Calendar add-ons.

Read more about adding videoconferencing to your Smart 1:1s here.

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