Most people already have a few 1:1s on their calendar. Rather than requiring you to recreate them all from scratch, Reclaim makes it easy for you to convert your existing 1:1s to Smart 1:1s with a single click.

Viewing your detected 1:1s

Reclaim automatically detects all the 1:1s on your calendar and displays them so that you can convert them to Smart 1:1s. To view your list of detected 1:1s, go to the Smart 1:1s feature in Reclaim and click on the Detected tab. From here, you'll see a list that looks something like this:

Reclaim will attempt to detect all 1:1s on your calendar, even ones that you're not the organizer of. Reclaim will automatically detect the frequency of those 1:1s as well as their regularly-scheduled time and duration.

Converting a detected 1:1 to a Smart 1:1

Once you've found the 1:1 that you want to convert to a Smart 1:1, simply click the Convert to Smart 1:1 button on it:

As you can see in the above example, Reclaim has detected a weekly 1:1 called "Meet with CEO" that usually happens on Mondays at 10am for 50 minutes. When you click Convert to Smart 1:1, the form for that Smart 1:1 will automatically pull in those details:

You can edit these details to your liking, or keep them as-is. Once you're happy with the Smart 1:1, click Send Invitation. This will send an email to your attendee so they can accept the 1:1, after which Reclaim will start scheduling events.

What happens to existing 1:1 events?

Once your attendee has accepted the Smart 1:1, Reclaim will begin scheduling events for it and will remove all the events from the original 1:1 series.

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