Reclaim automatically detects existing one-on-one meetings on your calendar—even ones you are not the organizer—and allows you to convert them to Smart 1:1s with a single click.

View and convert your detected one-on-one meetings

  1. Navigate to the Smart 1:1s page in Reclaim

  2. Click on the Detected tab. From here, you'll see a list of detected 1:1 meetings.

  3. Click Convert to Smart 1:1.

  4. Edit the Smart 1:1 details, if needed.

  5. Click Send invitation.

Once your attendee has accepted the Smart 1:1, Reclaim will begin scheduling Smart 1:1 events and remove all the events from the original one-on-one meeting series.

Reclaim will pull in the frequency of detected one-on-one meetings as well as their regularly-scheduled time and duration and autofill them in the details.

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