What is a primary and shared calendar?

Google Calendar allows users to create sub-calendar where you can segment your scheduling. These calendars are not created equal, as there is always a master (primary) calendar and every other calendar is considered a shared calendar.

To identify your primary calendar, navigate to Google Calendar and look on the left hand side. The first calendar displayed is always your primary.

Reclaim schedules to your Google's primary calendar

The original source events will always be placed on the primary calendar on the Google account you used to sign up.

So why do we do this?

Reclaim relies on Free and Busy signals to schedule your calendar. Only your Google primary calendar controls your Free/Busy time. By placing Reclaim-created events on the primary calendar, we ensure your Free/Busy time are reflected.

When others go to view your calendar, they can truly see whether you are free or busy.

Have events to appear on my shared calendar

You can create a Sync Policy where your Google primary calendar is the source calendar and your Google shared calendar is the destination calendar.

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