In this article, we'll talk about how to use Cmd-K or Ctrl-K to bring up an interface where you can take actions and search in Reclaim without having to leave the comfort of your keyboard.

Bringing up the command bar

To get started, let's bring up the command bar. You can do this by clicking the Search button in the top right as pictured below, or just by pressing Cmd-K or Ctrl-K on your keyboard:

You'll see the command bar appear:

What can you do with the command bar?

Reclaim's command bar gives you a bunch of controls for your Tasks and Habits as well as search capabilities across the entire app and Reclaim's help docs. You can also do things like report issues, request features, or join our Slack community from it.

Creating Tasks and Habits

With the command bar open, you can click Create Task or Create Habit to automatically open up a new Task or Habit.

You can also create Tasks and Habits using keyboard shortcuts, even if the command bar is closed:

  • Press H from anywhere in Reclaim to create a new Habit

  • Press C from anywhere in Reclaim to create a new Task

Editing Tasks and Habits

You can search for Habits and Tasks in the command bar to easily edit them or view where they're scheduled on your calendar. Start by searching for a Task or Habit in the command bar:

Once you've found the Task or Habit you're looking for, you can click on it or hit Enter with the item highlighted, and you'll be taken to the actions screen for that Task or Habit:

In this case, select Edit Task and you'll be taken to the edit screen for Prep Board Slides.

You can also click Edit Task or Edit Habit from the Actions section of the command bar to pick from a list of Tasks and Habits:

Accessing Reclaim Help via the command bar

When you click Help from the lefthand nav in Reclaim, you'll see a section of the command bar that opens up specifically filtered to various help resources:

From here, you can invite other people to Reclaim, join Reclaim's Slack community, report bugs, request features, or go to our help docs site.

Searching help docs via command bar

You can also search for any help doc (including this one you're reading right now!) via command bar. Simply enter in a term and you'll see a list of docs that match that term:

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