Is Reclaim free?

Reclaim is currently free through the end of 2021! 🥳 With the amazing word-of-mouth referral growth we've experienced, we are in the fortunate position to be able to focus on building out a product we know you’re going to love before we charge for it.

When will Reclaim start charging?

Our plan is to introduce pricing at the beginning of 2022. Don't worry, we will reach out at least 45 days before we launch paid versions with details on free vs. paid plans!

Will you charge my account?

We will never charge your account without permission. In fact, we don't have a single credit card on file, so there is zero risk of an unexpected charge through Reclaim. Once we announce our paid offering, we will give you the option to upgrade to a paid plan.

Will Reclaim offer a free tier?

Yes! We plan to offer a free-forever version of Reclaim that will include basic access to Habits, Tasks, Calendar Sync, Buffer Time, Calendar Stats and our Slack integration. For more details, check out our pricing page.

What happens if I don't upgrade?

You can continue on our free plan! We'll email all users 45 days before we launch our paid offering, which will give you an opportunity to decide if you want to upgrade to a paid plan or remain on the free version. If you want to remain on the free version of Reclaim, no action is necessary: your account will be automatically downgraded.

Will you offer a trial of paid versions of Reclaim?

We plan to offer trials for all paid plans so that you have a chance to try out their features and decide what's right for you.

How many Reclaim plans are available?

We plan to offer three different tiers for Reclaim:

  • Basic - Free

  • Professional - $9/month/user

  • Team - $20/month/user

Check out our pricing page to see the full list of features for each plan.

How will Team pricing work?

All Reclaim plans will be priced on a per-user per-month basis. There is no minimum number of users per team, and seat discounts will be available for large teams. More details to come!

Do I have to enter a credit card?

Nope! We currently do not ask for any payment information from our users. Once we launch our paid plans, you'll be able to enter a credit card in your account to upgrade to them.

Is pricing annual or monthly?

We plan to offer two different subscription models: month-to-month and annual. Our monthly pricing will be a pay-as-you-go model that can be cancelled or downgraded at any time.

Annual pricing will be available and we plan to offer a significant discount for annualized commitments.

What payment methods will you accept?

We plan to accept all major credit cards (and potentially other payment methods as well) but we will have more details on this soon!

Do you offer discounts for

We do plan to offer discounts for larger teams as well as early adopter discounts for Reclaim users who've been with us since the beginning. We don't have any firm details yet, but we will soon.

How can I cancel my account?

You can delete your account at any time. We plan to offer dedicated options in our UI to let you downgrade your subscription without having to delete your entire account.

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