Because Reclaim dynamically toggles your Tasks and Habits between Free and Busy, and assigns flexible privacy to your events, it can be challenging sometimes to answer the question: "What can my colleagues see?"

In the Planner's calendar view, you can easily see what your colleagues can see based on your calendar privacy. This is a really useful way to see what your availability and events look like to others.

Changing the view option for your calendar

In the Calendar, click on the "View" dropdown in the top right corner:

Once you've clicked it, two options will appear. Select "View as everyone else":

Note that your calendar appearance will likely change, reflecting a) the events that are currently marked as Free time and invisible to your colleagues and b) the privacy options you've selected for Tasks, Habits, and your synced calendar events:

In this view, you cannot take actions on any of your events -- it's read only. If you want to make changes, simply change the view option back to "View as you".

Note: to show your calendar as viewed by others, we detect and use your default calendar privacy settings. Essentially, we are showing you what the "average colleague" can see. If you share your calendar's full details with particular colleagues, those colleagues will be able to see more information than what is shown in the "View as everyone else" option.

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