Reclaim's Planner is primarily designed to help you manage your Tasks and Habits. However, there are a couple of useful things you can do with your non-Reclaim events from within Planner.

Merged synced events

Reclaim will show you the full details of events it's syncing from other calendars to your primary calendar from within Planner's calendar view. This is a useful way to see a single version of the event instead of having to view both the source event and the synced copy.

For example, on this calendar we have an event that is being synced to the primary calendar called "Pick Up Kids". On Google Calendar, you will see both the source event ("Pick Up Kids") as well as a synced copy with your selected privacy setting:

But in Planner's calendar view, you will see a single event -- "Pick Up Kids":

Rest assured that this does not affect what others who book time on your calendar will see. They will only see the synced copy with your selected privacy setting.

Jumping to non-Reclaim events in Google Calendar

You can also open non-Reclaim events from Planner's calendar view in Google Calendar to edit them and make changes. To do this, click on any event, and then click "Edit in Google Calendar":

This will open up the source event in Google Calendar so you can make changes to it.

Recategorizing events

Reclaim automatically classifies events on your calendar using a mixture of intelligent heuristics. Sometimes we may get it wrong, in which case it's useful to be able to reclassify it yourself.

To reclassify any non-Reclaim-managed event, simply click on it in the Planner's calendar view and click the color dot that appears in the action menu:

You will see a list of categories appear:

Select a new category and the event will be reclassified. If the event is a recurring event, as with the example above, you can opt to reclassify just an instance of the event or reclassify the entire series.

RSVPing to events via the Planner

You can RSVP to both one-off and recurring events in the Planner that you've been invited to. To bring up the RSVP options for an event, simply click on it and select the RSVP option you'd like. If the event is recurring, you'll be prompted to RSVP for a single event instance or all events:

Joining videoconferences from the Planner

You can also join videoconference meetings from any event in the Planner that contains a videoconference link. To do this, simply click an event with a videoconference link and click Join:

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