You can add time easily to your Tasks and Habits via Planner. You can add time to individual Task and Habit event by clicking on them in the Planner's calendar view, and you can add time to an entire Task policy by adding it from the Planner sidebar.

Adding time to a Task or Habit event in the Planner calendar view

To add time to a Task or Habit event, simply click on it within the Planner's calendar view and then click on the time range of the event in the menu that appears:

Now, click on the "+ Add Time" button that appears in the menu:

The event will now be extended to the longer duration, and Reclaim will automatically reschedule it to best fit your calendar if possible:

Adding time to entire Tasks

You can also extend the total duration of a Task from the Planner sidebar. This is useful if you want to tell Reclaim that you need more time overall for the Task, but don't necessarily want to modify any of the instances themselves.

To do this, click the "..." on any Task (it can be Scheduled, Unscheduled, or Done) and click "Add Time":

You will see a list of options appear. Add the time you want, and the Task will update to the new duration.

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