You can use Planner to say when you've completed a Task early, or to confirm when a Task has been completed. Planner offers controls for marking entire Tasks as Done or incomplete as well as marking individual events for the Task or Habit as Done or incomplete.

Marking entire Tasks as Done

When a Task has been completed in its entirety, it will automatically move to the Done section of the Planner sidebar. However, if you complete a Task early and want to get it off your calendar, you can tell Reclaim that you've completed the work. To do this, simply check the box next to any Scheduled Task:

Once you've checked the box, the Task will move to Done automatically and any future Task events for that Task will be removed from your calendar:

Recently completed Tasks will also show in Done with an unchecked box, where you can check them off if you've completed them to confirm that they're done. Reclaim will automatically mark completed Tasks as done after they've been complete for more than a day.

Marking entire Tasks as incomplete

You can also tell Reclaim when you didn't actually finish a Task, which will cause it to be rescheduled on your calendar. To mark a Task as incomplete, simply uncheck it from Done and Reclaim will automatically re-open the Task and add 30m of time to it:

You can also mark a Task as incomplete and add more time to it by clicking the "Add time" button next to a completed Task:

Marking Task events as Done

You can tell Reclaim when you've finished an individual Task event if you finished it early. To do this, simply click on the Task event and click the checkbox that appears next to "Mark as Done":

When you mark a Task event as Done, the event will move into the past on your calendar to update the completed time.

Marking Task events as incomplete

If a Task event was marked as Done but you didn't do the work, you can mark it as incomplete to automatically reschedule them. To do this, simply click on the event from the past and click the checkbox to mark the Task event as incomplete:

Once you mark a Task event as incomplete, it will automatically be rescheduled to the next available time.

Marking Habit events as Done

You can mark a Habit event as Done if you finished it early. This can only be performed on Habit events from within the same day. To do this, click on a Habit and check the box next to "Mark as Done":

Once you mark a Habit event as Done, it will be moved to the past to reflect the completed time.

Marking Habit events as incomplete

You can mark a Habit event as incomplete if you didn't actually do it. You can perform this action on any Habit event from the past. To do this, simply click on any Habit event in the past and uncheck the box:

If the Habit event is for the same day, it will be automatically rescheduled. If it's for a previous day, the Habit event will be removed but not rescheduled.

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