Reclaim automatically adjusts Task and Habit events as your workweek changes. Sometimes, however, you might be really happy with the time that Reclaim has picked for a Task or Habit event and want to "lock" it so that it stops moving. You can do this with a couple clicks from the Planner's calendar view.

Locking a Task or Habit event

To get started, click on any Task or Habit event from the Planner's calendar view. In the menu that appears, click on the "Lock" icon:

Once you click the "Lock" icon, the event will be locked in place and will no longer move.

You will also see a 🔒 emoji appear on the event in Google Calendar:

Unlocking Task and Habit events

To unlock a locked Task or Habit event, click on it, then click the "Lock" icon:

Things to know about locking Task and Habit events

If you lock a Task or Habit event in place:

  • It will no longer move when other events interrupt it or when your schedule changes. You can, however, move the event manually on your calendar and Reclaim will respect the change.

  • It will also be marked as busy if it isn't already.

  • It will remain locked until you explicitly unlock it.

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