You may be really happy with the time Reclaim picked for a Task Event or Habit Instance. You can lock it to prevent it from moving out of the schedule time.

When locking a Task Event or Habit Instance:

  • It will no longer move when other events interrupt it or when your schedule changes. You can manually move the Event or Instance on the Planner or your Google Calendar.

  • It will be marked as busy if it isn't already.

  • It will remain locked until you explicitly unlock it.

Lock a Task Event or Habit Instances

  1. Right-click on any Task or Habit event from the Planner's calendar view.

  2. In the menu that appears, click Lock

The event will be locked in place and will no longer move. You will also see a 🔒 emoji appear on the event in Google Calendar:

Unlock a Task Event or Habit Instance

  1. Right-click on the Task Event or Habit Instance

  2. Click the Unlock option

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