Reclaim was designed to work with any calendar client (such as Google Calendar) that you like to use. However, Reclaim has a lot of powerful features for scheduling and planning your workweek around your Tasks and Habits that can be difficult to communicate directly through those clients. That's why we built Planner: so you can plan your workweek and make changes to Tasks and Habits without breaking a sweat.

In this view, you can:

  • Reschedule, add time, and edit your Tasks and Habits with one click

  • Mark Tasks as done (or incomplete) to confirm when you're finished

  • Reprioritize your Habits and Tasks to tell Reclaim what you want to focus on

  • Filter your events by category and recategorize events on the fly

  • Add Tasks and Habits from your backlog to your calendar by searching for them

  • View your calendar as seen by others to ensure privacy and availability

Planner: Calendar view

First, let's walk through the Planner's calendar view to give to a sense of what you can do with it:

  1. Action Menu: you can click on any event on the calendar to get different actions that you can perform on the event. In the case of Reclaim-managed events like Tasks and Habits, you'll be able to reschedule the event, mark it as done, delete it, and more. In the case of non-Reclaim-managed events (like a meeting you were invited to), you can open the event in Google Calendar as well as change its category.

  2. Budget Bar: this is where you'll see your week broken down by category. If you've opted into automatic color-coding for your whole calendar, the colors on the budget bar will match the events on your calendar. You can also filter your events by clicking on different segments of the budget bar.

  3. Week Selector: you can navigate from week to week by clicking the arrows on this section of the calendar UI. You can also click "Today" to snap to the current week.

  4. View as...: since Reclaim dynamically changes Tasks and Habits from free to busy as your workweek fills up, and because you can set different privacy settings for your Tasks and Habits, it can be helpful to see your calendar as others will see it. You can use this option to see what others will see if they look at your calendar.

Planner: prioritizing Tasks and Habits

To the right of the calendar, you can manage all your scheduled, unscheduled, and completed Tasks and Habits for the week. Let's take a look:

  1. Search: you can search through your Tasks and Habits to quickly schedule them for the week. This is a nice way to fetch items from your backlog to prioritize them for your schedule.

  2. Priority Toggle: you can prioritize your Tasks and Habits to tell Reclaim that they need to be scheduled sooner by just clicking the little blue triangle on any Task or Habit within the sidebar.

  3. Action Menu: you can click the "..." next to any Task or Habit to get controls for editing, adding time, rescheduling, and deleting.

  4. Scheduled this week: this section of the sidebar will show you all Habits and Tasks that are scheduled for that week.

  5. Unscheduled: this section of the sidebar shows all Habits and Tasks that Reclaim didn't have time to schedule that week.

  6. Done: this section of the sidebar shows you all completed Habits and Tasks. You can confirm that you completed a Task by checking it, and you can also uncheck Tasks that you didn't actually complete so that Reclaim can reschedule them.

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