Sometimes, you might create a Task and then decide you just don't need it anymore. You don't want to tell Reclaim that it's Done, since you're not planning to complete it and are abandoning it. Canceling Tasks lets you remove a Task without marking it as Done.

To do this, start by going to Tasks in the Reclaim app in Slack:

Find the Task that you want to delete, and press Cancel:

When you press Cancel, Reclaim will confirm whether you want to just remove a single event to be rescheduled, or if you want to delete the entire Task. Select "The entire Task":

When you Cancel the entire Task, Reclaim removes all future events associated with the Task from your calendar and will consider the Task abandoned.

The Task will be moved to your Recent Tasks, where it will be auto-archived after 7 days.

You can press Archive if you want to strike it from that list, or press Delete if you want Reclaim to completely delete the record of the Task.

Note that if you use Delete, it will effectively be as if the Task never existed. All records of work you did on the Task will be deleted, and the Task record will be deleted from Reclaim entirely.

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