While you have some control of your Tasks directly from your calendar, sometimes it's easier to manage them from Reclaim's UI. Reclaim offers a few key options for automatically moving Task Events around on your calendar, removing Tasks, adding time to Tasks, and marking them as complete.

Starting, stopping and restarting Tasks

Starting and stopping Tasks lets you easily move your Task Events up to the current time and automatically truncate Task Events when you want to take a break from the Task, respectively.

Note that Tasks will automatically start themselves when the scheduled time for the Task Event is reached. For example, if you have a Task Event scheduled at 9am, and it's 9:01am, the Task has already started.

  • Start: this will move the first Task Event that Reclaim has scheduled for the Task to the current time, snapped to the last 5 minutes. For example, if you have a Task whose first event is scheduled for 2pm, and you press Start at 9:03am, the Task Event will move from 2pm to 9:00am.

  • Stop: if you've started the Task, Stop will "clip" the event and move the remaining time to the next available time slot. For example, if you're working on a Task Event scheduled from 9am - 11am, and you press Stop at 9:30am, then Reclaim will split the event into one from 9am - 9:30am and the remaining time will be scheduled later.

  • Restart: sometimes you may start a Task, and then get interrupted for a few minutes. You can use Restart to bring the Task Event's start time up to the current time. For example, if you start a Task at 9am and then are interrupted for 15 minutes until 9:15am, you can use Restart and the Task event will be rescheduled to start at 9:15am.

To Start a Task, simply click on the button from the Reclaim UI next to your Task:

Once you've started a Task, you'll see the Restart and Stop options appear.

To Stop a Task, click the Stop button:

To Restart a Task, click the Restart button:

Canceling Tasks and marking Tasks as done

Reclaim will automatically mark your Task Events as complete as time passes them on your calendar. However, you may want to consider the entire Task done ahead of schedule, or cancel it if you decided to abandon the Task.

  • Done: if you mark a Task as done, Reclaim will count all the work that has been done on the Task so far according to your calendar, and delete all future events for the Task that haven't been worked on yet. The Task will be moved to the "Done" section of the Tasks UI, and will be marked as done.

  • Cancel: works just like Done, except the Task will be marked as as abandoned.

To mark a Task as done, click the Done button from any Task in the Task UI:

To cancel a Task, click the Cancel button:

Adding time to Tasks

You can add time to your Tasks to extend the total time you want to work on the Task. For example, if you have a Task that you originally thought needed two hours and you decide you actually need three, you would want to add one more hour to the Task.

To add time to a Task, click on the overflow menu ("..."):

You'll see a list of options for adding time. If you need to add an amount of time that isn't represented in the dropdown, simply click Edit and set the total duration as you see fit:

Once you select an option, you'll see a green check appear to confirm that the time is added. The Task now has more time added to it.

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