Tasks can sometimes contain sensitive information that you don't want to expose to others who might view your calendar.

By default, Reclaim will use your default Google Calendar privacy settings for Task events on your calendar, which means that Task events will be visible to others based on your Google Calendar settings. You can modify this default from your Reclaim Settings.

Note that if you've given View all event details permissions or higher to others in your Google Calendar settings, those people will be able to see the details of these Private events on your calendar. Similarly, IT administrators and GSuite admins may be able to see these details as well. You can read more here.

If you want to make a Task public and viewable by others on your calendar, you can do so in Advanced options in the Task editing UI:

When you make your Tasks public, all details of them will be visible to others who view your calendar, including any Notes you've added to the Task or the title of the task.

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