To keep your schedule flexible, Reclaim will add Habits and Tasks to your calendar frequently as "free" events, preserving your availability and letting your calendar adapt to changes in your agenda.

Additionally, Tasks will automatically reschedule if they're interrupted whether they are marked as free ( 🆓 ) or busy ( 🛡 ).

When Task Events get added as free time

Task Events will be added as free time to your calendar when Reclaim sees more than one possible option for getting it scheduled before your due date.

For example:

  • Let's say you have a task that is due by the end of the week that you need a total of eight hours to complete.

  • Reclaim looks ahead to your due date and sees 10 hours of free, lower-priority time on your calendar before it's due. This includes low-priority Habits and Tasks with later due dates.

  • The Task will still be marked as free, because there are two additional options for finding you eight hours before the Task is due.

Remember: like Habits, when Task Events are marked as free, no one else can see them except for you. Others will see those event slots as free, preserving your availability for meeting with them.

When Task Events get flipped to Busy time

Task Events turn busy on your calendar when Reclaim sees only no other possible options for getting it scheduled before your due date, or when any event created for the Task would push past your due date.

Building upon the previous example:

  • [same scenario as above]

  • You are now invited to and RSVP yes a two hour long meeting near the end of the week. Now the Task Events will become busy because there is no additional time left.

Remember: like Habits, when Tasks are marked as busy, others will see that you are busy during that time, discouraging them from trying to meet with you. But unlike Habits, Tasks are by default totally private so that others can't see the context for why you are busy. If you wish to broadcast via your calendar how you're using your time, remember to change the privacy of the Task.

What happens if an interruption occurs?

If your Tasks are interrupted by an incoming meeting that you accept, or if you yourself schedule an event over the Task, then the Task will automatically be rescheduled to the next available time.

This happens regardless of whether the Task Events are free or busy or if you are past due on your Task.

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