Reclaim automatically schedules time for your Habits and Tasks based on your preferences. Sometimes, of course, you may not feel like doing that Habit or Task at that time. Snoozing your Habits and Tasks is a powerful way to reschedule events without having to ever touch your calendar.

Snoozing and skipping Habits

Reclaim schedules your Daily Habits based on the rules you used to set them up originally. You can see which Habits are scheduled for a given day from the Agenda in Slack:

If you see a Habit scheduled at a time that's not going to work for you, you can simply tell Reclaim to snooze or skip it.

To snooze a habit, click on the Reschedule / Add time... dropdown. You'll see a list of options appear:

ReclaimBot will offer other suggested times that are close to your Habit's currently-scheduled time where you are currently free. You can click on any of those suggestions to reschedule the Habit for that time.

If you see a 🛡 emoji next to the suggested time, that means that the Habit will be automatically marked as Busy if moved to that time due to your Time Defense settings.

You can also type in a desired time and ReclaimBot will find the closest one that matches. For example, if you type in "8pm", ReclaimBot will find the best match closest to 8pm:

You can also tell Reclaim to make the Habit longer or shorter, as shown below:

If you make changes to your Habit that you didn't intend to, you can restore it to its original time (if the time is still available) by clicking Revert.

Finally, if you decide that you don't want to do the Habit at all that day, you can simply skip the Habit and it will be removed from your calendar for that day:

Snoozing and Skipping Tasks

You can also snooze scheduled Tasks to push them back further on your calendar. Click the Reschedule / Add time... dropdown underneath any Task to snooze it:

Snoozing a Task will push the Task event scheduled for the Task forward in time on your calendar by the amount you specify. The Snooze duration is relative to the event's currently scheduled time. For example, if a Task event is scheduled for 9am Monday, and you Snooze it to "tomorrow", it will now be scheduled to Tuesday at the next available time.

If you want to clear the Snooze and revert to the original time, pick the Clear Snooze / Start ASAP option from the Reschedule / Add time... dropdown:

If you want to skip the Task event for that day, use Cancel and select "Just the event" in the modal that appears:

Reclaim will schedule the Task event for the next day at the time specified in the modal.

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