Tasks block time on your calendar automatically for things you want to get done by a certain date. You can create tasks directly from Slack.

Creating a Task in Slack

To create a Task, go to the Home screen of the Slack integration and click Tasks. Here, you can view any of your open tasks and create new ones. To create a new one, click New Task:

Create a new task directly from Slack

Reclaim only needs a few pieces of info to create Tasks on your calendar:

  • Type: tell Reclaim whether this is a work Task or a personal Task. Work Tasks will be scheduled only on work days during your working hours, and personal Tasks will be scheduled on all days.
  • Title: the name of the Task -- this will also be the name of the event that gets put on your calendar
  • Duration: how long you need to get the Task done. You can add as many hours as you like, and Reclaim will break it up into multiple events automatically.
  • Due Date: when the Task is due by. This is not the date the event will be created -- it's the date by which Reclaim will try to defend time.

Click Create Task.

You'll now see the Task in your list of Open Tasks, along with info about when the first event for that Task has been scheduled on your calendar.

You can also use Slack commands to create Tasks from anywhere in Slack.

Editing and adding time to Tasks in Slack

You can edit Tasks by clicking on the overflow menu and selecting Edit:

From here, you can edit the Duration, Title, and Due Date of the Task:

You can also add more time to a Task by selecting the Reschedule / Add time... dropdown. This will add more time to the Task's total duration. For example, if you have a Task that is scheduled for 2 hours, and you add 2 more hours, the Task now has a total of 4 hours to be scheduled:

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