Reclaim's Slack integration will show you your agenda for any given day by category. You can access your agenda from the Home tab of the integration in Slack.

View your calendar agenda in Slack

Agenda Categories

Reclaim breaks your time down by three categories:

  • Meetings: events with other people invited
  • Working Sessions and Tasks: solo working time or work Tasks that you've created
  • Personal Commitments and Tasks: personal events that have been blocked on your work calendar or personal Tasks that you've created

Viewing your agenda for a different day

By default, Reclaim will show your agenda for today. If you'd like to see another day, use the timepicker:

You can also view your agenda for any day by running a Slack command. For example, if you want to see your agenda for June 25th, 2020, you'd say:

/reclaim agenda 6/25/2020

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