Reclaim is an intelligent virtual assistant to help you manage and defend your calendar. It keeps you from having to constantly block time on your calendar for the things you want to spend time on, prevents you from having to juggle multiple calendars, and makes scheduling time for yourself easier than ever.

Features in Reclaim

Reclaim has a few key features that you can leverage to take control of your calendar.

  • Daily Habits: Daily Habits enables you to make time for things that you do often -- like exercise, writing a status report, taking walks, eating lunch, and so on -- without having to worry about moving them around on your calendar or managing them yourself.

  • Tasks: Tasks allows you to give Reclaim a thing that you want to get done, tell Reclaim roughly how long you think it might take and when it's due, and Reclaim will automatically find time for it before it's due.

  • Calendar Sync: You can use Reclaim to block events from one calendar on another calendar automatically, and Reclaim will keep those blocks up to date as things change. For example, if you have a personal calendar, you can use Reclaim to block events from that personal calendar on your work calendar so that others don't book over them.

  • Calendar Analytics: Reclaim gives you stats and info about where your time is going as well as a full log of actions that Reclaim has taken on your behalf.

  • Slack Integration: Reclaim also has a Slack integration that you can use to manage your Tasks and Habits, view your agenda, RSVP to personal events, reschedule events, and more!

  • Travel Time: Reclaim will automatically add travel time to your calendar when a location or flight is detected.

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