Reclaim is an intelligent virtual assistant to help you manage and defend your calendar. It keeps you from having to constantly block time on your calendar for the things you want to spend time on, prevents you from having to juggle multiple calendars, and makes scheduling time for yourself easier than ever.

What can Reclaim do for you?

Flexible time blocking

Instead of filling your calendar with events that quickly get interrupted, Reclaim adapts to changes in your agenda and shifts events from Free to Busy as you get busier: so you stay flexible, but not too flexible.

Task management

Create your task list in Reclaim, or integrate your task or project management app, and defend focus time for your to-dos on the calendar.

Bring your habits to life

Reclaim intelligently blocks time on your calendar for the things you want to do regularly. Want to make time for lunch every day, a walk on Friday afternoons, email catch up in the morning, or exercise 3x a week? Easy.

Auto-schedule one-on-one meetings

Automatically find the best time for your one-on-one meetings every week. Reclaim will analyze both calendars to find mutual free time, and automatically reschedule your Smart 1:1s if a conflict comes up.

No more juggling schedules

Ever end up getting overbooked because you forgot to block time for an event from another calendar? Reclaim keeps all your calendars in sync, so you'll never have to worry about juggling calendars again.

Event privacy controls

When people view your calendar, "busy" doesn't always give them the context they need. Reclaim gives just the right amount of info to would-be schedulers so that you can stay focused without sacrificing privacy.

See your calendar in a whole new light

Reclaim automatically color-codes your entire calendar by intelligently detecting different event types on your agenda, making it super easy to see how your time is divided at a glance.

The security your calendar deserves

Your calendar data stays encrypted at rest and in transit, and you can delete your account (and your data) at any time by just clicking a button. We'll never share or sell your data, cause that's just not cool.

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