During your Reclaim onboarding, you'll have the option to add Catch-Up Time. Catch-Up Time automatically finds and adds two 30-minute blocks to your work calendar each day -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon:

  • By default, your morning catch-up slot will be scheduled between 9am and 12pm
  • By default, your afternoon catch-up slot will be scheduled between 12pm and 6pm

If available, the morning catch-up time will default to 9am and the afternoon catch-up time will default to 4:30pm, giving you nice bookends to your workday to get caught up on email and chat.

When Catch-Up Time is turned on, you'll start to see these blocks added to your calendar. They'll look like this, and are colored dark blue:

When Catch-Up Time gets marked as busy

If your day has a lot of free time left, these catch-up blocks will initially be marked as "Free" and have a 🆓emoji on them so that they don't appear blocked to others, preserving your flexibility. You'll see the catch-up time on your calendar, but others won't.

As your day fills up and as these events are booked over, Reclaim will automatically reschedule catch-up time. Once your day is deemed at risk of being too full -- when there is less than 30 minutes of free time left in the 9a-12p or 12p-6p windows, respectively -- the blocks will automatically show as busy to others.

Reclaim will also automatically mark Catch-Up Time as Busy 30m before the event is scheduled to begin so you aren't booked over at the last minute.

You can see this behavior visualized in the animation below:

Adjusting Catch-Up Time on your calendar

Reclaim will respect changes you make to Catch-Up Time. If you decide you need an hour for Catch-Up instead of a half-hour, you can just change the event directly from your calendar and Reclaim will automatically mark the event as busy and will no longer move it.

Adjusting your Catch-Up Time Settings

You can set a different time window for LunchBuddy in Reclaim that better aligns with your habits. This can be done from the Assistant Settings page.

Turning Catch-Up Time On or Off

You can turn Catch-Up Time on and off via the Settings page. If you turn Catch-Up Time off, we will remove all catch-up blocks from your calendar. If you turn it back on, we will repopulate them around your schedule.

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