Slash commands

You can issue commands from anywhere in Slack to have ReclaimBot manage your calendar on your behalf.

  • /reclaim help ¬†will bring up a quick overview of ReclaimBot's functionality and link you to our docs. You can also just type help from the Messages screen and you'll get the same message.

  • /reclaim settings ¬†will bring up your notification preferences, enabling you to limit or expand the types of notifications that ReclaimBot sends.

Using Slack slash commands to create Tasks

You can create Tasks with quick Slack commands to get them on your calendar. Here's the general structure of a Slack command for Tasks:


Where the TITLE is required and becomes the name of the Task. The additional text in the parenthesis is optional fine-tuning of the task, as so:

  • DURATION - the number of hours / minutes you need to do the work, such as "for 2 hours" or "for 30m". If not entered, 1 hour is assumed.

  • DUE_DATE - the text "due" plus a date, date + time, or a relative time, such as "due October 30th 10am", "due in 1 week" or "by next Friday". If not entered, Reclaim will make the due date 3 days from now.

  • NOT_BEFORE - can be a date or date + time, expressed as "not before monday 10am" or a relative date/time, expressed as "in 3 days". If not entered, Reclaim will pick a start date based on how far out your due date is.

  • TYPE - either "type personal" or "type work" to indicate what kind of task it is. If not entered, "work" is assumed. The TYPE of a task will determine whether it will be scheduled during working hours or personal hours.


  • To create a work task for "Build slide deck" for four hours by next Friday, you would enter /reclaim task build slide deck (for 4h due next Friday)

  • To create a personal task for "Mow the lawn" for one hour (default) by this Sunday, you would type /reclaim personal task mow the lawn (due sunday)

  • To create a work task for "Get back to CEO" for 30m by September 21st, not to be started before September 15th, you would type /reclaim task get back to CEO (for 30m due sept 21 not before sept 15)

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